“Woman Of Grace” by Kathleen Morgan

Woman of Grace (Brides of Culdee Creek, #2)

Woman Of Grace” is a very interesting story about grace. Giving it as well as accepting it.

It is hard to extend grace to someone, especially when we feel they don’t deserve it. It’s sometimes harder to accept grace from others — including God — when we know we don’t deserve it. “But that’s the mystery of grace. No matter how good we are, we’re still never worthy of it.” And, yet, it’s still always available to us. Isn’t God amazing?!

A great example of grace in this story is that which Ella extended to Devlin and Hannah. Ella didn’t hate or reject — though, by most standards, she had every reason to. In fact, when she finally did address the issue (a really big issue!), it was to forgive. To offer grace and peace to replace the guilt and turmoil.

There were others in the book, of course, who also struggled with giving and/or receiving grace.  But this one really stood out to me.  I think it’s because Ella was able to forgive something that so many people wouldn’t forgive.  It was a “huge issue”, but — with God’s help (and that’s the only way we can truly forgive) — she was able to extend to others the grace which she had first received from her Saviour.  Her main concern was that those she cared about would never accept that grace from God.

“Woman Of Grace”  according to Goodreads:  Haunted by her shameful past, Hannah Cutler struggles to accept the love of Devlin McKay. Brides of Culdee Creek book 2.

Even though her name means “grace”, Hannah Cutler struggles to accept true mercy and love—especially from Devlin MacKay, the only man who remembers her past as well as she does.

This sequel to Daughter of Joy weaves an honest, emotive tale of one woman’s struggle to accept redeeming love. Hannah Cutler, a former prostitute, is trying to begin her life anew. But she struggles with the notion of being loved, even by the Lord of love whom she recently accepted as her Savior.

Devlin MacKay adds to Hannah’s feelings of shame by unjustly blaming her for his own guilty past. But as Hannah becomes a Woman of Grace, Devlin is forced to confront his feelings for her and toward the God who has transformed her life.

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