“Love Starts With Elle” by Rachel Hauck

Love Starts with Elle

I loved this book!  I had been wanting to read it for quite some time, so, when I finally got it, I practically devoured it!  Finished it within a day.

What can I say..?  Rachel Hauck is a pretty great author.  The characters were very real to me (which makes a good book just that much better!).  My two favorite characters were  Elle (obviously) and her dad.  Loved the relationship between those two — it was really special.  Ms. Anna was another truly wonderful character.  The world needs more prayer warriors like her.  My least favorite character would have to be Jeremiah.  Gosh!  That guy just totally got on my nerves!  😦

I didn’t read the back of the book, so I had no idea what part any of the characters played or what to expect. However, within the first few pages, I had decided that Elle would not end up with Jeremiah.  What I wasn’t sure about was how exactly the author would go about switching things around.  I did like the way she did it, though.

To quote the book — It must seem like the world is ending, but wait and see what God will do.  He must have something wonderful in mind.”  Seeing the way God can use what we humans consider “bad things/situations” and “tragedies” to work good in the lives of His children… Wow.  Elle & Jeremiah, Elle & Heath, Heath & his daughter, Julianne & her family, etc. The issues that the characters in this book had to deal with were numerous.  One of the “victories” gained that I particularly liked was Julianne’s in dealing with her child, the child’s father, and her own parents.  I also really liked the way Elle tried to advise her sister — which all good sisters should try to do.

One part that really touched me personally and got me thinking: Seek Him now when nothing is demanding your attention.  No schedule, no expectations.  Then, when demand comes, you’ll be ready.  That statement really challenged me to do better at this myself.

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