Mint + Chocolate = HEAVENLY!

My dad says that mint and chocolate should never EVER be combined.  Yeah… he can’t stand it!  Me, on the other hand?  I absolutely LOVE it!!  In my opinion, mixing these two delicious flavors together was brilliant!

There is one problem, though.  Not all mint and chocolate tastes the same.  While I really do love most mint chocolate… candies? snacks? deserts?  Some of them are truly disgusting!  I don’t know how someone could so totally mess this up, but it is possible.  So, I like to find the brands that taste so yummy that I could just about eat them all day long.  No, I don’t actually eat them all day long…  😉  But, sometimes I think I probably could!

So, for those of you out there who love mint and chocolate as much as I do, I thought I’d share my top three favorites.




I also love white chocolate and mint together!  I’m not quite as picky when it comes to this because it seems like what you’ll always find is white chocolate with pieces of crushed peppermint, and that is totally okay with me!  I’ll go ahead and share my favorites, though.  😉




Or…..  I really like to make my own!  Below, you’ll find a very simple recipe for “Peppermint Bark”.  It’s a favorite of mine!  🙂



16 oz. Almond Bark
1/2 Cup finely crushed peppermints (about 25 candies)
(I use about twice this much because we like more peppermint in our candy)

– Melt almond bark in a small sauce pan over a low flame, stirring constantly.
– Stir in the peppermint candy.
– Pour onto a buttered foil-lined baking sheet.
– Place in the freezer for 5-10 min. or until firm.
– Peel off foil and break the candy into pieces.


About Aerykah

I'm a 27-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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