Quiz Results

So… I took a couple of quizzes today that I heard of from a friend.

First, I took this quiz:

Which Classic Actress Are You?


Although petite, you aren’t afraid to be brash and make waves with people. You love challenges, and are known to be difficult and occasionally violent. You are intelligent, beautiful, and much of your success comes from your drive to be the best and hard working nature. Confrontations don’t scare you, and people may be intimidated by you. You love younger men, cigarettes, and are no nonsense. You are the iconic Bette Davis!


I’m not really sure what to think of these results…  As with most quizzes I’ve taken, I think the results are partially accurate.  Definitely not all of it, though (e.g. “you love younger men & cigarettes” — whatever!).


And then I proceeded on to this quiz:

Which Classic Leading Man Should You Marry?


You love the rugged type, a man who can take charge no matter what the situation is. You love western and war films, and love your cowboys! Your man is patriotic, and takes care of all your needs, he will go out of his way to make you happy! Your dream man is the iconic John Wayne!


Haha!  This is good…  I have always loved watching John Wayne’s films.  And the type of guy it describes?  I think I could live with that.  😉

What’s got me is that I just absolutely cannot imagine John Wayne and Bette Davis together.  They never acted together at all…  Though it seems that Bette Davis wouldn’t have been opposed to it — “I certainly would have given anything to have worked with John Wayne. He’s the most attractive man who ever walked the earth, I think.” ~ Bette Davis

Anyway, while I’m supposedly Bette Davis and I “should marry” John Wayne…  Am I the only one who thinks that those two would never have been good together?

About Aerykah

I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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20 Responses to Quiz Results

  1. sarah says:

    I can’t imagine them together either.


  2. sarah says:

    By the way… I;m Lauren Bacall and I should also marry John Wayne.


    • Aerykah says:

      So… we are somewhat, though not exactly, alike and we have the same taste in guys. Yeah, that sounds right. 😉
      Btw, my friend Melika also got Lauren Bacall & told me what it said about that personality. Like my results, I think yours are somewhat accurate, but not totally. 😉


      • sarah says:

        Yeah. Somewhat on both accounts.


      • And I should marry…Paul Newman! *headdesk* I feel like retaking that quiz to see if I get John Wayne. Or manipulating the answers to get who I really wanted…Cary Grant! 😉


      • Aerykah says:

        Oh, Melika… lol! Paul Newman’s not so bad, is he?
        I’m curious — What did it say about that type of guy?


      • Ask and ye shall receive! 😉 “You love pretty boys with an edge. Whether it be dark or blonde hair, you go crazy for a man with blue eyes and a strapping demeanor. You think a man in a uniform is sexy and a major turn on! “The Long Hot Summer”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” are in your collection of must have movies. Your dream man is the Sexy Paul Newman!”

        Now do you see why I was nonplussed? Pretty boys? Really? *shakes head*


        • Aerykah says:

          LOL! I am laughing so hard right now… ;D
          Pretty boys, huh? 😉 Well, all I got to say is that there’s definitely a reason I didn’t get Paul Newman. ;P


      • Haha! And what in the world is a strapping “demeanor?!” Physique, maybe, but demeanor? In other words, his personality has the power to snap you like a twig? IDK!!! *throws hands up in air* 😉


      • Yes, I did, with the intention of getting Cary Grant. Well, guess who I got instead? Fred Astaire! FRED ASTAIRE!!!! I’m cursed. 😉


      • Ahem: “You love a man who can dance, as you like to party and dance the night away any chance you get! (Oh, that’s just me to a tee! 😉 Your man is also a very dapper dresser and is considered an idol in the world of men’s fashion. You love a classy, conservative man, and one who isn’t afraid to commit! Your ideal man is a triple threat, he can sing, dance, act and hey, can even play some piano! Your dream man is the Elegant and Talented Fred Astaire!”

        Ok, that’s not actually too bad, now that I think about it. Miles above Paul Newman, but I just can’t marry a guy that skinny. I’m sizeist, I know, but he looks like he weighs less than I do! Sorry, Fred. It’s just not on. 😉


  3. Abbi Hart says:

    Haha great post! I took the quizzes and I would be Marilyn Monroe (HA!) and I should marry Cary Grant (I’ll take that!)!


  4. Rayleigh Ann says:

    So I was Elizabeth Taylor…….I didn’t take the second one though…..Not really sure what to think about that 🙂


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