“The Silent Governess” by Julie Klassen

The Silent Governess

The Silent Governess”  by  Julie Klassen

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This is the first novel I’ve read by Julie Klassen, and I’m eager to read her other novels since finishing this one. While it is your typical regency romance/mystery, the plot was very creative.

This book was mainly plot-driven; I could hardly stop reading because I just had to see what was going to happen next. I love when a book is like that. I really enjoyed watching the mysteries unravel as Olivia, the main character, figures everything out. It’s hard to say much about the mysteries without giving anything away, but they definitely all intertwined in unexpected ways.

Some aspects of the plot were a bit predictable, mostly in the romance department…but, then again, if they had ended any other way, I think I would have been quite put out. I usually don’t mind the happy endings as long as getting there is entertaining and perhaps has a twist all it’s own, and I feel like this novel did that. I’m all for a charming and sweet romance and happy ending.

It was also more realistic; she didn’t magically become rich somehow or just happen to have a wealthy long-lost relative, which is what I’ve noticed happening in a lot of other regency-type novels. I’ve read a good deal of regency novels in the past (especially Victoria Holt), and this is one of my favorites.

This is labeled as a Christian novel, and so many that fall in that category deal with characters that are just too good. While Olivia Keene is a “good” person, it was refreshing that she had doubts, lost her temper, and had a hard time forgiving (herself and others) just like a real person would. 

Sweet romance, delicious plot. Recommended!

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The Silent Governess is such a treasure! It has everything a historical fiction fan could want! Mystery, suspense, contention, suspicion, some humor, light (clean) romance, family, friends, loyalty, betrayal- lots of unexpected plot twists and discoveries! 


I could not believe all the twists and turns the plot took and how everything worked out! It was so nice to not know what is going to happen in a story! It was wonderfully written and never got boring, keeping me interested the whole time!


Julie Klassen’s writing style fascinates me. She has honed a delectable blend of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte to bring this English era to life in a way that will captivate lovers of historicals and reel in those who love adventure.


This book was written so well; there were surprises, frustrations, and laughs throughout – plus a little mystery – and scandalous secrets were covered in a tasteful way. This has become one of my favorites!


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8 Responses to “The Silent Governess” by Julie Klassen

  1. I have to get to this author soon.With you Alice,Sophie,and Anne all talking about how much you love her.


  2. forgot to say I really enjoyed your review 🙂


  3. Maria says:

    I loved this book, too! I’m so happy I found Julie Klassen. She is a very talented author and has become one of my favourites. Can’t wait to read all of her other novels! 🙂


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