The Liebster Award & The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated for two awards by my friend, Virgina, over at  a- blog- from -the -heart.  Thank you kindly, m’dear!  😉

So, first off…..

*     *     *       The Rules       *     *     *

1.) Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
2.) List 11 facts about yourself

3.) Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
4.) Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers
5.) Ask them 11 questions
6.) Let them know about the nomination

And, though I’m not usually a rule breaker, I’m going to have to break a few of these rules.  Sorry!  It’s just that I don’t follow a whole lot of blogs and most of the ones I would have nominated have recently been tagged (and some of these bloggers have mentioned that they don’t really have time to do the award post).  However, I will do the facts & answer the questions.

*     *     *       11 Facts About Me       *     *     *

  1.)  I just finished watching Man of Steel.
  2.)  It drives me crazy when I see someone wearing plaid and stripes together
  3.)  I almost always have these 4 things with me: pen, paper, camera, & book.
  4.)  I like sticky notes.  May sound silly, but I just love to use them.
  5.)  I can’t wait for football season!  Boomer Sooner!  🙂
  6.)  I love the smell of rain.
  7.)  I love the sounds of the country.
  8.)  I have 4 piercings — 2 in each ear.
  9.)  I would rather wear pants 5 inches too long than 1 inch too short.
10.)  I don’t really like digital clocks.
 11.)  My blog has been tagged for 3 awards now.  🙂

*     *     *       Questions Answered       *     *     *

  1.)  Cats or Dogs? — Dogs.  Preferably big dogs, like a Newfoundland.  Though I don’t dislike cats.
  2.)  If you could be anything in the world, what would it be? — Anything as in a profession or an object?  😛
  3.)  Favorite verse in the Bible? — Probably Romans 8:35-39, though I also really love Lamentations 3:21-23.
  4.)  Introvert or Extrovert? — Definitely Introvert!
  5.)  Favorite Flower? — Daisy.  They’ve always seemed like such happy flowers!
  6.)  Favorite Book? — Other than the Bible… Jane Austen‘s Pride & Prejudice.
  7.)  Favorite Author(s)? — My current top 5 (in alphabetical order) are: Colleen Coble, Ronie Kendig, Julie Klassen, Dani Pettrey, Karen Witemeyer.
  8.)  If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? — Mm… there are so many places!  Can I just say Europe?
  9.)  Coffee or Tea? — Tea!!  Definitely tea!  Sweet, black, iced tea…  *happy sigh*  😉
10.)  Do you prefer Rainy or Sunny Days? — Sunny.  Though I do like both.
 11.)  What’s your favorite go-to song? — My favorite song is It Is Well.


*                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *


And now, moving on to…..

*     *     *       The Rules       *     *     *

1.) List the rules and link back up to the person who nominated you.
2.) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3.) Nominate 15 other blogs and comment on a post telling them that they have been nominated.
4.) Proudly display the badge

Once again, I won’t be nominating any blogs for this for the aforementioned reasons.

*     *     *       7 Facts About Me       *     *     *
(Sound familiar? 😉 )

1.)  I dye my hair naturally with Henna & Indigo.
2.)  I am a homeschool graduate (2009).
3.)  I am a mix of German, English, Irish, Scottish, at least 2 types of American Indian… and those are just the ones I know of.
4.)  I prefer blue ink over black.
5.)  I think I’ve played Trouble about 50 times in the past week.  (The 5- and 7-year old really love this game!)
6.)  I am currently reading Tomorrow’s Garden by Amanda Cabot.
7.)  I can’t wait to get to the next book on my reading list: When I Fall in Love by  Susan May Warren.


*                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *                    *


Though I’m not really nominating any blogs, I will share some that I like.  I recommend checking them out!  🙂

Abbi & Katie @Christian Novels
Alice @Reading With Alice
Cassie @Bookshelves and Windows
Dana @Stranger than Fiction
Eli @Eli’s Novel Reviews
Grace @Onto Her Bookshelf
Jennifer @WordSmith
Leah @Must Love Books
Madi & Bethany @The Literary Maidens
Melanie @Christian Bookshelf Reviews
Melissa @GENESIS 5020
Rayleigh @Accelerate The Jesus Movement
Salyna @Kissed Books
Shannah @Book Reviews By Shannah
Sophie @Laughing With Lizzie
Tressa @Wishful Endings



And, of course… Virgina @a- blog- from -the -heart!  🙂

About Aerykah

I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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4 Responses to The Liebster Award & The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Rayleigh Ann says:

    Great post!!! These nominations are probably my favorite posts to read…..but anyways, I very much loved reading this!!!
    @ Fact 3 on Inspiring Blogger Award….You sound like me!!!! Though I know without a doubt that I am mainly Scottish and Irish. My last name even has the Scottish Crest and is actually one of the oldest Sir names into the world (like goes back to Viking times….)!!! I love learning about my ancestry, it’s just so neat!!!
    I am honored that you enjoy my blog!!! Though I am kind of new here at yours, I have enjoyed reading and will definitely be back in the future!!!! Have a blessed day!!!


    • Aerykah says:

      Thanks, Rayleigh! 🙂
      How cool! 🙂 I love it too! History, especially my family’s history, has almost always intrigued me.
      I believe I have more German (at least 1/4) and English in me than anything else. My last name is English & my dad’s family has been traced back to a 16th century (I think) English knight. I recently discovered that I’m more Irish than I thought– turns out my great-great grandpa was born in Ireland. And more Indian too, though we don’t know for sure how much.
      Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy. 🙂 You too!!


  2. Virginia says:

    Wow! I prefer blue ink over black ink as well! lol! I don’t know why? @ Liebster Award # 2- Haha! I guess I didn’t specify. I believe I was asking more in a profession way. lol! Your heritage is amazing! I have 2 types of Indian in my bloodline as well! Enjoyed reading your answers! Glad that you enjoy my blog as well! 😉


    • Aerykah says:

      Really? I don’t know why I prefer blue either, I just always have. 😉
      Lol! I figured that’s probably what you meant. A profession..? Maybe a professional photographer, though not one who usually photographs people.
      Thanks! I love my heritage! Learning more about it all the time! 🙂
      Thank you! And thanks for the nominations too. I enjoyed doing the post. 🙂


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