I have this fear…..

It’s a fear of wasps.  No, it’s not a phobia — it’s a pretty strong fear, I’ll admit, but not quite that strong.

See, when I was growing up, I used to get stung by wasps fairly often.  Several times every summer, at least.  I have scars from some of those stings.  Nearly got stung in the eye once… the stinger hit me about 1/2 inch away– on the side of my nose.  I’m telling you, those evil critters hate me!  They really do!  In fact, I think they’ve put a price on my head or something.  They’re out to get me!

Funny thing is, I have only ever been stung by wasps.  We find scorpions in our house and around our property quite often during the warmer months, yet I’ve never been stung by one.  I can stand right beside bushes that have bees all over them (to get pictures, of course) and the bees don’t bother me!  But wasps?  Now, that’s another story.  I have actually been chased by wasps.  Just one or two at a time — Thank God! — but still!

When a wasp comes around, people always tell me to stand still until it goes away.  But I tried that when I was younger and it didn’t work so I have the hardest time just standing there waiting to get stung!  I want to run (or at least quick-walk) away as fast as I can.  I start dodging around trying to avoid it while keeping my eyes on it at all times — this gets very difficult if there’s more than one. :/

One summer when I was in our pool…..  The wasps were overly plentiful that year.  I was floating around, enjoying the sunshine and water when several wasps suddenly showed up and started buzzing all over the place.  I’m comfortable with dealing with a couple wasps at a time in the pool.  Okay, not really… but I handle it okay.  Sort of.  Anyway, I usually just wildly splash water at them and one of two things will happen: A– the wasps leave, or B– they fall into the water and I continue to splash water on them until they drown or I can get them into our filter system where they… drown and are later removed by my dad or one of my brothers because you can still get stung by a dead wasp.  Trust me, I know this from first-hand experience.

This time, though, there were too many wasps to keep track of them all and I nearly freaked out!  No brothers were there to save me (where are they when you need them?!) so I did the only logical thing.  I ducked under water, leaving my hands and part of my arms out, splashing like crazy and hoping to convince the wasps that there was a raging water monster living in our pool.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Well, laugh all you want, but it worked!!  So… 😛

In all honesty, I see a wasp anywhere near me and I become like a little kid again, calling for someone to come kill the scary little bug (they’re huge, actually — ginormous!) before it gets me.  And that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon…  I opened my bedroom door, but, just as I stepped inside, I heard this buzzing sound.  I’ve been seeing wasps around  lately, so I instantly froze– moving only my eyes until I spotted the beast near my window.  Of course the thing couldn’t get outside.  And I wasn’t about to go in there after it!

So I called out to my 6’5″ younger brother (can’t call him little anymore — lol!), “Um… could you come here a minute?  There’s a wasp in my room and I need you to kill it ’cause there’s no way I’m going in there until it’s dead.”  Of course, he laughed because he thinks it’s kinda silly for me to be so scared of wasps.  And I suppose he has good reason to think it’s silly.  After all, if I see a little spider… I’ll smack it with my hand.  If I see a bigger spider… I smack it with a shoe or some other handy object.  A scorpion?  Shoe.  A flying insect of some kind?  Fly-swatter, notebook, towel…  Have I mentioned shoes already? 😉

But I don’t want to get close enough to a wasp to try to kill it.  I mean, what if I missed and just made it mad?!  And then it came after me?!?!  I’m not the type to squeal like a little girl, but if anything could make me do that it would be a wasp on the warpath.

Anyway, I finally talked my brother into being the mighty wasp slayer for me — yes, he can be sweet when he wants to be. 😉  And I’m sure I’ll have to call on him to do so again.  But his favorite thing to say in such situations is: “What would you do if I wasn’t here?”  Uh, good question!  I guess I would have shut that ridiculous thing in my bedroom and prayed that it wouldn’t find the gap under the door and come out to get me!

About Aerykah

I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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5 Responses to I have this fear…..

  1. Oh yea! I hear ya. It’s bumblebees with me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aerykah says:

      Well, everyone has something they’re afraid of, right? My mom’s (well… one of hers) is scorpions. I told her I’d kill scorpions for her if she’d kill wasps for me. 😉


  2. Raechel says:

    Oh that’s terrible! I’m sorry. I hate wasps too -found out last summer I’m very, very, very allergic to them so now I try to avoid them at all costs. ^.^
    Scorpions though…I sure am glad we don’t have those where I live! Eeek!

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    • Aerykah says:

      I’m sorry that you’re able understand wanting to avoid them at all costs. I swell pretty bad when I get stung, but not bad enough that I’ve ever needed to see a doctor or anything — Thank God!!
      I’m sure you are! 😉 And I’m very glad that I’ve never been stung by one, but they are pretty neat little creatures. 😛


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