The Lost Art — re-re-blog

Yes, it’s supposed to say “re-re-blog“.  I originally re-posted my sister’s post back in March of 2012.  And I was looking through some of my older posts the other night and saw this one and thought, “You know, I really like that!  I should re-post it again.” 😉  It really is good — and very true! — and I’m not just saying that because I got it from my sister. 😛

Anyway, here it is– enjoy!

the lost art of being a woman

I saw a book a few weeks ago. The cover and title instantly drew me in and I knew I wanted to read that book. It was titled “How To Be A Hepburn In A Hilton World”. I don’t idolize Audrey Hepburn. Her style, in my opinion, was a little strange at times. I’m not even really a fan of her as an actress. But she is an icon of class.

I read reviews of the book and decided against buying it, but the concept has been on my mind ever since. One of the reasons I love old movies so much is to observe the elegance and class of the women. Deep down inside, I have a desire to emulate them. I always have. Women like Audrey Hepburn had that perfect blend of glamour and elegance. And it was was more than just their clothes. It’s the way they walked, sat, stood, spoke. They had style, grace, dignity, intelligence, confidence. Girls today are much too concerned about looking sexy. (pssst….. unless your main goal is to end up in bed, everything I just mentioned will make you attractive without seductive moves and revealing clothes!) But not just that. Around prom time every year, I see girls wearing formal gowns with slumped shoulders and a manly gait, stumbling along in four-inch heels. Come on! You could at least put out a tiny bit of effort and stand up straight! Do you realize how much easier it is to walk in heels if you have good posture?

To be a Hepburn type of woman, you must understand the difference between careless and carefree, confident and arrogant. You must learn to hold your head high without looking down on others. You must learn how to carry yourself, and not only move with grace but also act with grace. You must learn to have self-respect which will drive you to keep yourself neat and clean and presentable, to dress properly, to maintain a healthy weight. “And to all this,” as Mr. Darcy stated, “she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.” Never stop learning.

It takes work. It takes study. It takes practice. But it’s so worth it! Please, ladies…… try to be a little more lady-like.

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I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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