Cinematic Saturdays – The Thin Man

CinematicSaturdays - TheThinMan


Ah, the Thin Man movies. . .  The first one came out in May of 1934.  Yes, some more of those before-my-time movies (they were actually from my grandparents’ time), but I do so love them!  William Powell & Myrna Loy as Nick & Nora Charles are the best cinematic couple ever!  In fact, I’ve also seen them together in a few other movies and they were great together in those too (you’ll see at least some of those movies on here in the future).

But back to The Thin Man. . .  This is one of my favorite parts.  Nora opens the door to see her husband with another woman in his arms.  Does she fly off the handle?  Burst into tears?  Assume the worst?  No!  She knows he’s not messing around on her!  So what happens?  Allow me show you.

The Thin Man: William Powell and Myrna Loy

I know, it’s great, right? 😉

And, of course, everything ends well. . .

The Thin Man, again.

~ Starring ~

William Powell as Nick Charles
Myrna Loy as Nora Charles

~ Storyline ~

Nick Charles, a retired detective, and his wealthy socialite wife, Nora, are attempting to settle down. They are based in Los Angeles but decide to spend the Christmas holidays in New York. There, Nick is pressed back into service by a young woman whose father, an old friend of Nick’s, has disappeared.  And then… there’s a murder!

~ See For Yourself ~

Click HERE to watch the original trailer for The Thin Man on
Click HERE to start listening to the Lux Radio Theater version of The Thin Man — also starring William Powell & Myrna Loy — on
Click HERE to get The Thin Man on DVD from
Click HERE to get the entire Thin Man collection on DVD from

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5 Responses to Cinematic Saturdays – The Thin Man

  1. I’ve seen The Thin Man! Love it!

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  2. nesskingsley says:

    That is one of my favourite scenes; it’s so refreshing to see. Have you watched ‘I Love You Again’? That one is absolutely brilliant. And funny. Brilliantly funny. Lovely to find other Nick and Nora Appreciators : )

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    • Aerykah says:

      I have seen that one & loved it! 🙂 As well as Manhattan Melodrama. Evelyn Prentice, Double Wedding, & Love Crazy. If you haven’t seen those, you should because they’re all great! (We got the 5-disc set recently on Amazon.)
      Same here! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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