Cinematic Saturdays – Enchanted

CinematicSaturdays - Enchanted


Enchanted. . .  This movie is such fun!  Even my dad and brothers enjoy watching it!  Though they claim it’s just because they can totally relate to Robert. 😛
Their favorite line?  “I don’t dance— and I really don’t sing.”  ~Robert

GAH!!!  There are just so many great, funny lines in this movie that I want to share!  *deep breath*  I shall limit myself to… two.  Yes, two.  No more than that, I swear.

Google Image Result for

And, though the quotes aren’t exactly right on this next one (a fact that kinda drives me crazy if I think about it too much), I figured I’d include it too because I just love this scene! 😉

"How Does She Know"

“Don’t sing. It’s okay, you know. Let’s just walk.  Can we walk?” ~Robert

I love how Robert reacts to all of Giselle’s singing— too funny! 😉
Click HERE to see the full scene on
(And Robert… there at the end bobbing his head to the music.  Lol!)

~ Starring ~

Amy Adams as Giselle
Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip
James Marsden as Prince Edward
Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa

And Narrated by Julie Andrews

~ Storyline ~

In the magical, musical, animated land of Andalasia, the beautiful  Giselle is all set to marry her prince, Edward, when. . . the evil queen sends her tumbling down a magical well and into the non-animated and extremely disenchanted world of modern-day New York City.  There, she meets and befriends a cynical divorce lawyer, Robert, and his daughter who agree to help her get back home.  Prince Edward comes after Giselle and begins searching the city for her, while Giselle busies herself trying to help Robert with his relationship problems.


~ See For Yourself ~

Click HERE to watch Enchanted on
(this is supposed to be the full movie)
Click HERE to get Enchanted on DVD from
Click HERE to see my blog post featuring Carrie Underwood’s music video for Ever Ever After from Enchanted

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