Cinematic Saturdays — Christmas Edition

Cinematic Saturdays - 2ndDayofChristmas

Well, folks. . .  It wasn’t until November that I realized just how few Christmas movies there are that I truly love.  Sure, I watch a lot of Christmas movies!  A lot of Hallmark and ABC Family type Christmas movies, especially, I think.  And, for the most part, I do like them.  But, to me, they’re just kinda. . .  I dunno. . . a bit of fluffy romantic comedy to enjoy over the holidays.  Okay, they aren’t always comedy, but I’d say they are always romantic.  And usually pretty fluffy.

Anyway, so what I was saying is: there just aren’t a lot of them that I would gush over and highly recommend to people because they were just so wonderful!  And I am definitely not one who can just whip out a list of classics such as: It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street.  I really don’t care for either of those, but I will be including one classic Christmas movie this month– one that you’ll have to wait until later to see. 😉

So it was kinda hard for me to even choose 4 Christmas movies for this month long Christmas Edition of Cinematic Saturdays.  (Hint: You should totally appreciate the effort here!  ‘Cause I ain’t doin’ this again.  hehe! 😛 )

While browsing YouTube for some good Christmas movies to watch, I came across a movie that I had almost forgotten about!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas


It’s a funny Christmas movie that came out in 1997; a movie that I used to love, but hadn’t seen in probably 3 years, at least.  I had such good memories of it, though, so I had to watch it again.  Yep!  It was just as good as I had remembered!

And y’all may recognize the leading man, Mark Ruffalo, from his roll as Dr. Bruce Banner in The Avengers movies. 😉


~ Starring ~

Mary Stuart Masterson as Trish
Mark Ruffalo as Bert
Lauren Pratt as Patsy

…and here’s a list of the Full Cast & Crew.

~ Storyline ~

The life of a by-the-book department store security guard transforms after he nabs a woman and her niece for pick-pocketing and is then assigned as the custodian of the duo until after Christmas.


~ See For Yourself ~

Click HERE to watch On the 2nd Day of Christmas on
Click HERE to see a preview for On the 2nd Day of Christmas on
Click HERE to buy On the 2nd Day of Christmas on


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