Cinematic Saturdays – Picture Perfect

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CinematicSaturdays - PicturePerfect

A few hours ago, one of my brothers threw out a Picture Perfect quote, to which I instantly replied with another quote from the same movie.  Just one of those things that you do without even thinking about it because you instantly know what the person is referring to.  You know?  –>

Well, that got me wanting to watch this movie again.  It’s been such a long time since I last saw it!  So I decided to see if it was on YouTube– which it is!! 😀  And watching the movie made me want to feature it on a Cinematic Saturdays post.  So here it is! 🙂

Watch the whole movie here… 😀

I had a rather difficult time finding any good pictures for this post.  So– Instead of sharing pictures or video clips, I decided to think up all the quotes we (my siblings & I) like to use from this movie.  I’ve put my personal favorites in bold print and included notes for some quotes too.  I hope y’all enjoy. 🙂

~My Favorite Quotes~

*gasp*  “Mercy!  Illegal shrubs?  Whatever will I do?!”

“They’re tulips, a member of the lily family.”
“Hey, it’s Bob, a member of the dufus family.”

“JJ, I’m about to be brilliant.”

“First the fire, then the flood.”

“You snore.”
“You grind your teeth, dear heart.”

“Well, then, I’m off to work.”
“Have fun slicing open those brains!”

“Make sure you do a good job… dear.”
(I use this quote on my brothers all the time.  haha!)

“That’s me… That’s me.  That’s me– that’s me!”

“Poor Rusty…”


Meeting Grandma 😀

Grandma- “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
George- “I live here…”
Grandma- “What have you done with them?  What have you done with Vicky and Alan?  I’ll kill you, you murdering idiot!  And if you have hurt one hair on their heads, I swear–
Allen- “Grandma, stop!”
(I absolutely love the scenes with “grandma”!! 😀 You can find it in part 5.)

“They’ve brainwashed you…”

“What is with these people and their drapes?
….. Matilda, tell me about the drapes.

“Listen, Ernie has a condition called schitzoiddetridusmalinomus and when he gets depressed he can turn violent.  So it’s critical that we keep him happy, okay?”
(And I totally guessed at that spelling… in case you were wondering. 😛 )

“Anything exciting happen while I was gone?”

“What was in the car?”
“I don’t know!  But that medical thing?  That was inspired!”

“Uh– Buns!  Buns…  I– I forgot my buns.”

Eve- “George Thomas and Vicky Walters hate each other– ask them!”
Ernie- “George Thomas?”
George- “It’s my middle name.”
Ernie- “You don’t really hate each other, do you?”
George- “Absolutely not!”
Eve- “Liar!
(I love to use Eve’s voice here to say, “Liar!”)

“Eve?  Eve Scrimmer?”
“Yes, Bob… it is I.”

“Who was that?”
“A former patient; I once operated on her head.  And now she believes we are dating and that she is my boss.”
“Well, I guess the operation wasn’t a success.”
“Ah, well… You should have seen her before.”

“Chocolate!  It’s chocolate soda!!”

“Oh please!  If someone as wonderful as you were living next door to me, I think I would have noticed.”
“Why?  I didn’t.”

~ Starring ~

Christian Campbell as Alan Walters
Lisa Jakub as J.J. Thomas
Cecilley Carroll as Delia Thomas
Richard Karn as George Thomas
Mary Page Keller as Vicky Walters
Dave Thomas as Ernie Barrett
Barbara Gordon as Grandma

List of the Full Cast & Crew

~ Storyline ~

Two teenagers (with single parents) join their families together in order to win the grand prize in a soda company competition by pretending to be the perfect family. The only problem is the CEO of the company must live with them for one week.
~as written by Raymond Au

~ See For Yourself ~

Click HERE to watching Picture Perfect on
(or just start watching the video at the top of this post ^^)
Click HERE to get Picture Perfect on DVD from

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  1. sarah says:

    Must… watch…. NOW!! Its been way too long. 🙂

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