Branson, Missouri – Part 1

Hey, y’all!! XD

So… my family and I went to Branson, Missouri back in April and I had every intention of coming home and doing a blog post or two about our vacation.  Well, needless to say, that did not happen.  I kept telling myself: I really need to get a post done and share some pictures…  But up until now, that hasn’t happened either.

Now, two months later, I am finally getting around to sharing some pictures and such from that trip.  We don’t ever go to tons of shows and attractions when we’re in Branson– we’re just not that type– but we did enjoy a few really good places this time around. 😉  Hope y’all enjoy. 🙂

Hm… how do I start this?

I already mentioned that we went to Branson back in April.  My sister and her family went with us this time so we had a total of 7 adults and 4 kids (ranging from 4 months old to 9 years old).  I really enjoyed having them along & getting to spend time with my adorable & wonderful nephewsahem — their whole family. XD

We hit the road Saturday morning… the two little boys (7 & 9) asking every so often if we were almost there.  haha!  They really had no concept of the time (several hours) it would take us to get there. 😛

The boys enjoy stopping here whenever we’re passing through Vinita, OK.  They seem to always conveniently need to use the bathroom just as soon as they see this building… 😛  It’s changed recently, though.


McDonald’s in Vinita, OK (Photo Credit – Photos By Aerykah)


The Falls Village Sign (Photo Credit – Photos By Aerykah)

Arriving at our destination Saturday evening, I was determined to finally get some pictures
of our rooms at The Falls Village before they were cluttered with all our… stuff.  I’ve attempted this the past few times we’ve gone, but I always ended up getting busy with something and the next thing I knew, the guys had already started unloading the van. 😦  This time, however, I made sure I had my camera out when we pulled in.  And as soon as we parked, I hopped out and hurried up the stairs, telling the guys they weren’t allowed to bring anything into the rooms until I said so.   Not that they really listened.  haha! 😛  But I did manage to get some pictures. 😉


South Campbell Ave Baptist Church – Springfield  (Photo Credit: )

Sunday morning, we went to church in Springfield.  I enjoyed getting to visit South Campbell Avenue Baptist Church again.  The services were good and I was happy we were able to go back for the evening service too. 🙂

(Looking for a good Baptist church in the area?  I highly recommend this one! 🙂 )

Amigos Mexican Restaurant - Springfield

Amigos Mexican Restaurant – Springfield (Photo credit: )

After church, we went to this little place called Amigos Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  I think everyone enjoyed their food– not a bad place to get a bite to eat. 😉


Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World – Springfield (Photo Credit – Photos By Aerykah)

Then it was on to Bass Pro for the afternoon.  This being the second largest Bass Pro store in the world, it’s a favorite place to visit whenever we’re nearby.  And yes, it does take an entire afternoon. 😯  While the guys enjoy browsing and shopping, I enjoy it more like a museum of sorts.  It’s full of real (as in once-living) stuffed animals as well as live fish and turtles in tanks… statues… etc.  Really, it is pretty impressive.  And I enjoyed it more this time around than I have in a while since I got to see it with our little wide-eyed, highly impressed boys. 😉

Braum’s  (Photo Credit – Photos By Aerykah)

When we finally left Bass Pro… we decided to get some ice cream and hang out at Braum’s for a while before heading back to church.  Braum’s is another place that I totally recommend because they really do have the best ice cream (and milk) ever!  But they’re only located in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas so the rest of the USA is out of luck– sorry, folks! 😥

On Monday and Tuesday… if I remember correctly… we mostly did some shopping and let the kids play in the pool & on the playground, participate in a couple crafts that the Falls Village was having, and such like that.  The 7-yr-old painted this piggy bank…  I was quite impressed with his… “artistic flare”. 😉


Piggy Bank Craft (Photo Credit – Photos By Aerykah)

On one of these days in here somewhere the guys also went to the Go Kart Track.  I don’t recall which day… us ladies and my sister’s boys didn’t go so I don’t have any photos or anything.  But they had fun!  Go Karts is definitely a must whenever we’re in Branson. 😉

That’s all for today!  Come back tomorrow for Part 2!  And next week I’ll be starting a series of posts on my photo blog (Photos By Aerykah) called: When In Branson to share some more photos that I took on this vacation.  So be sure to check that out if you want to see more! 😀

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