Mermaid Moon by Colleen Coble

Mermaid Moon (Sunset Cove, #2)
Mermaid Moon
(Sunset Cove #2)

by Colleen Coble




This book is very good, I will say that. It kept me interested and excited to read more, even though I did figure out some of the mysteries before they were revealed. And I have my suspicions, anyway, that the author maybe wanted us to figure out some of this stuff before the characters did. Maybe that’s not true… but I really didn’t see how anyone could have read this book and not at least have some pretty accurate suspicions about some things.

I loved the characters! And the storyline was very interesting, especially the suspense. Though, as I mentioned before, I had already figured out some of the mysteries, I did very much enjoy seeing how everything would play out. And there were some things that remained in the dark for me almost to the very end.

One thing I really liked was seeing how Kevin and Mallory had changed over the years they spent apart. How they handled the situations in the past versus how they wished they had handled them. How having God in their lives made handling their circumstances… easier. And I don’t think I’m revealing a major plot twist or anything when I say that I liked seeing how Kevin and Mallory got back together.

On the other hand… the dialogue isn’t Colleen’s best, I think, and sometimes felt forced and fake. Not too bad, mind you, and mostly early on in the story, if I’m remembering correctly.
Also, there were a couple things that I didn’t really care for. I kinda felt that there might have been too much focus on (spoiler) There was one scene (spoiler).  The purpose of this scene, I imagine, was to show how things had changed by the… reaction to this situation? It’s really not a major thing, I suppose, but I know of some readers who won’t care for having that in the book and so I felt I should mention it.
And lastly, this comment from Carol actually kinda aggravated me: (spoiler). Honestly, I think that part was the only one I was truly unhappy about.

Overall, it’s a pretty great book and I’m definitely looking forward to finishing this series! 🙂

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Colleen excels at catching readers up with characters from the first book and giving us glimpses of those in an upcoming story. I am really looking forward to the third book about Kate, as she really tugged my heart strings in both books one and two, and I just know her story will be riveting and full of depth.  Read more…
~ Beth

This book was SO good, the suspense was absolutely non-stop and I had no idea who the villains were or what their motivation was, with as many romantic suspense book as I read it’s hard to keep me guessing but Ms. Coble did it with this one, kudos to her!  Read more…
~ Caitlyn

The plot was full of twists, turns and unsuspected surprises that kept the book firmly in my hands. The characters were well made and described well enough that I could “see” them easily. Colleen Coble has an eccentric imagination that never fails to entertain as well shock with her stories.  Read more…
~ Rayleigh



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