What’s up, you guys? It’s Katie!

Hello! 😀  I don’t usually write a whole lot when I post a video, but I wanted to say a little something before sharing this one. 😉

I found Katie Gregoire’s YouTube channel a bit over a year ago when I came across her video: Why I’m Not Dating in High School.  I really, really liked it so (naturally) I checked out her channel and after watching a couple of her other videos, I subscribed.

I just love watching this girl’s videos!!  I mean… she’s a funny, sarcastic, homeschooled Christian girl who loves Captain America— what’s not to like, right?! XD  I like to share her videos with my family and friends… and watch them with my brothers sometimes.  She’s one of my favorite YouTubers!  (She’s right up there with Blimey Cow, y’all– I’m serious. 😉 )

Anyway!  This week I’m not sharing a particularly funny video or a music video…  Instead, how about some Christian Dating Advice from “Katie: The Relationship Guru (who has never been in a relationship before)“?

I also recently found out that she did a series of videos called What’s On Katie’s Mind? on the Project Inspired channel so I, of course, had to go watch most of those. 😉

Here’s one that I really liked:


Just for fun, y’all should check out the first video Katie ever posted.  Enjoy! 😉
Oh, and check out her Instagram— it’s beautiful.  Really. ❤

Well, I guess that’s all!

Until next time…..

katie (1)

Photo used with permission from Katie Gregoire.

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I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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