Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You? – re-blog

Here’s a fun quiz from Bethany House Fiction!  Check it out, y’all…  I’ll share my results below. 🙂

~ Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You? ~


Books on a bookshelf


See the original post here: Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You?


~ My Results ~

A Hammock

In this idyllic spot, the weather is always perfect, and you can smell the fresh breeze and blooming flowers as you gently rock and read. The distant sound of bird calls can’t distract your focus from your favorite book, though you might stop every now and then for a sip of lemonade. Maybe you can even wander over to the pool nearby and dip your feet in for a change of pace.

Fall BHP Book Recommendations for You: Shadow of the Storm by Connilyn Cossette, A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson


I even went back and took the quiz again giving my second choice answers and got the same results! XD


Now it’s your turn: go take the quiz and share your results with me!  I wanna know what you got! 😉

About Aerykah

I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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8 Responses to Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You? – re-blog

  1. Here’s what I got:

    A Secret Room
    None of these out-in-the-open locations for you—might as well make your hideout just as dramatic as the books you read there! The entrance will be cleverly guarded, probably with a secret panel or a façade that pulls away when you pull a hidden lever, or alternately, a trap door in the floor. Inside you’ll find a reading paradise for top-secret reads where you’ll never be disturbed.

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  2. Shelby says:

    Mine came out as a Bunker! I really did not relate to a lot of the questions, especially the who do you relate to the most question, actually, none of them fit me but I chose Sherlock Holmes over the others – haven’t read the Lord of the Rings books or some of the others, either, for that matter. My favorite genre is REAL Christian fiction by authors who aren’t afraid to let their readers know that Jesus is Lord.

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  3. I got a Private Library which makes perfect sense.

    Likely to be equipped with leather chairs and smell of old books, cinnamon, and possibly pipe smoke, your personal retreat will make you feel more studious just upon entering. What better place to read than surrounded by all of your past and future favorites, with plenty of space for more? Hopefully it also has one of those rolling ladders like in Beauty and the Beast.

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    • Aerykah says:

      Mm… I would like the private library too. Though I’ve found that I actually have more trouble concentrating in the library. I mean, how can I concentrate on just one book when I’m surrounded by books?! 😐
      I would like to have a nice-sized library of my own, though… with one of those ladders too, if you please. 😉

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  4. M.K. Aneal says:

    OhMyGoodness, that was awesome fun! 😀 I got a Private Library, as well! Yep, that’s accurate! 😛

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