2017 Reading — Challenges & Expectations

New Year’s resolutions?  The only ones I have ever set have involved books.  😉  For me, starting the New Year off right includes setting new reading goals and figuring out all the books that I hope to read in the following year.  🙂

I started fairly early last year compiling a list of books that would be coming out in 2017 that I was looking forward to reading… You can find my list here.

These are the challenges that I have set for myself this year:

2017 Reading Challenge
—  Goal: Read a total of at least 90 books in 2017

New Authors To You Challenge
Goal: Read at least 15 new-to-me authors in 2017

Library Challenge
Goal: Read at least 50 library books in 2017

Slay the TBR Dragon Challenge
Goal: Read at least 50 books from my TBR pile in 2017

Finish The Series Challenge
Goal: Finish at least 12 series in 2017

Audiobook Challenge
Goal: Finish at least 30 audiobooks in 2017

Bingo Challenge
Goal: Finish at least 5 books in 2017 (to complete 1 Bingo on the card)

Some books that I’m really hoping to read this year:
(not including the 2017 new releases)

These, of course, are only a few of the many books I want to read– these are some of the ones that I have sitting on my shelf right now, just waiting for me to find some time for them.  I know I won’t read all the books on my to-read list, but I do hope to put a good-sized dent in it.  Wish me luck!  😉

Annabel Lee (Coffey & Hill, #1) By Your Side (Crisis Team #1) Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force #1) Falcon (Quiet Professionals #3) For Such a Time as This (Women of Hope #1) The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill (Tales from Ivy Hill, #1) Intimidation (A Shefford-Johnson Case, #3) Love Everlasting (Brides of Seattle, #3) Prelude for a Lord (The Gentlemen Quartet #1) Three Wishes (River of Time: California, #1) Through Waters Deep (Waves of Freedom, #1) Two Days in Caracas (Titus Ray Thriller #2) Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files #1) Where She Belongs (Misty Willow, #1) Without Warning (Elite Guardians, #2) Written in Blood (The Foley Chronicles:Files from the 8th District Book 1)


— Have you set any reading goals for 2017?
— What books are you most looking forward to reading this year?

I wish you all a happy year of reading in 2017!! 🙂

About Aerykah

I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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5 Responses to 2017 Reading — Challenges & Expectations

  1. Judy says:

    Work through my TBR pile. The never-ending goal. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rissi says:

    Hope you enjoy Lynette’s and Sarah’s! Two favorites of mine. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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