Moving Target by Lynette Eason

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Moving Target (Elite Guardians #3)

Moving Target
(Elite Guardians #3)
by Lynette Eason




I’m the type of person who has trouble reading suspense books before bed. They don’t give me nightmares, but… if I don’t finish the book before going to sleep, my mind has a hard time shutting down & I’ll end up spending half the night subconsciously turning the story over & over trying to figure out how it’ll end instead of getting the rest I need. This is the kind of book that I wanted– no, needed— to sit down and read all the way through without stopping. If only I could have done that… Because often, the only time I get to read is right before going to bed and this book is one of those that just sat on my brain until every last detail was revealed. On the positive side of that, I ended up figuring out part of the solution in my sleep. haha! ;P

This book is just as fast-paced and intense… just as interesting, and well-written, and enjoyable… as the previous books. However, this one somehow goes beyond what I usually read, I think. There were some pretty heavy topics (click here to view spoilers).

I cried. I’m okay with admitting that. She definitely made me cry more than once. But she also made me grin and laugh.

Maddy & Quinn both have such difficult pasts that they need to come to terms with so they can move on. And making their way through this serial killer’s plans for them forces them to face their pasts and reveal their struggles. The entire book is one battle after another– some physical, others not so much. And learning to lean on and trust God plays an important part in it all. I love how Maddy asks Quinn how his relationship is with God. She loves him and wants a life with him, but she’s concerned about his spiritual condition & that’s where her love for him really shines through, I think.

I did pretty much figure out who the culprit was (in my sleep, as you may recall), but that still didn’t detract from the suspense of wondering how they were going to piece everything together and what might happen in the meantime!

I loved this book. I really did. And after three such great books, I really cannot wait to get my hands on the fourth book!! There’s a preview for it in the back of this book, but I refuse to read it. Why do they insist on tempting us like this?! I don’t want a taste now if I’m gonna have to wait for a few months or more before I can have the whole meal! ūüėõ


I received a free copy of this book through the Revell Reads Blog Tour Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.



Moving Target reaffirms yet again why Lynette is one of my favorite authors. ¬†Read more…

This was a very fast read for me. It’s been one of the few books this year that I really couldn’t put down. ¬†Read more…

The kind of novel that keeps you nervously checking over your shoulder days later…. ¬†Edge-of-your seat from start to finish. ¬†Read more…



“I… uh… couldn’t have… uh–” he cleared his throat– “gotten through all of this without you. ¬†You know that, right?”
“Of course I know that.” ¬†She eyed him and wrinkled her nose at him. ¬†“Although, with your sunny disposition, I can’t imagine why you didn’t have people lining up to volunteer to take care of you.”

“Haven’t you heard you don’t take a knife to a crossbow fight?”
He wondered how high her fever was. ¬†“No, that’s a new one.”

“I’ve never caught you noticing¬†my muscles.”
“Trust me, Quinn, I’ve noticed.”
(This part just made me chuckle every time I thought about it– he’s so much like a little boy right then… just wanting her admiration. XD )


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