Traces Of Guilt by Dee Henderson

Traces of Guilt (Evie Blackwell Cold Case #1)

Traces of Guilt
(Evie Blackwell Cold Case #1)
by Dee Henderson



I would almost give this book 3 stars because I did enjoy the mysteries of the cold cases. However… that’s about the only thing I enjoyed about it.

Though there are some romantic elements in the story, I would definitely not consider it a romantic mystery novel. But I actually rather liked that about it. Even I, who like romantic books, find it rather nice to read a non-romantic mystery occasionally because it allows the focus to be more on the mystery elements and the process of solving the cases.

Some reviewers have mentioned how “heavy” of a read this is. That is nothing but the truth. There are some very difficult topics covered in this story (click here to view spoilers). That being the case, this book definitely has it’s sad, even rather depressing, parts. I can handle that, though (at least, to the extent it was dealt with in this book).

What did I dislike? There were a few things, actually. At the top of my list, is the dialogue. There is a lot of it– a lot. And so much of it felt stiff and unrealistic and….. and just so very fake. I simply found it unbelievable how many of the conversations went. I have never heard anyone converse the way most of the characters in this story do. They’re all so blatantly honest and straightforward and factual and….. Does anyone ever actually talk like that?! Anyway, that nearly drove me crazy.
Unfortunately, I think this has become a trend in Dee Henderson’s newer books. (Henderson Fans, correct me if I’m wrong about that!)

Also, I never felt like I could truly connect with any of the characters. I think this was mostly due to there being so much going on with so many stories combined and pov’s from several different characters. I was never able to focus on one character long enough or delve deeply enough into them to get that connection that I wanted. I don’t usually have any difficulty with multiple storylines or pov’s, but combine that with the rather choppy-feeling of the writing and it’s not good. Add to that, the reading style of the narrator (Johanna Parker) and I really started to struggle with finishing this book.

The last thing I’ll mention is a spoiler– (click here to view spoilers)

To sum it up:
The best part of this book was the process of solving the rather interesting cold cases. I don’t require a lot of suspense or thrill in order to enjoy a mystery so I did like this aspect of the story the most. That being said, due to the choppy writing, stilted dialogue, and annoying narrator… I probably would not have finished this book if I hadn’t been nearly desperate for something to listen to at work and this was the only audiobook I currently had that I hadn’t listened to recently.

Will I read the rest of this series? Perhaps. If my library purchases the audiobooks and I’m in need of something to listen to at work, I may go ahead and try the next book. It’s not on my to-read list, though.



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