A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden

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A Dangerous Legacy (Empire State, #1)
A Dangerous Legacy
(Empire State #1)
by Elizabeth Camden



What an adventure this was! From apartments to mansions, from the sewers to an asylum, and more!  There were, secrets, intrigue, suspicions, spying, encrypted messages, a psycho doctor….. *deep breath* …and of course, there was romance too. 😉

This isn’t a very fast-paced book at first.  I kinda wish it was, but it’s not.  While I was very much enjoying the story, it was still pretty easy to put down and set aside for a while… which is exactly what I ended up doing for a couple of weeks about halfway through the book.  But– it’s also the type of book that during those two weeks, I was still really looking forward to picking it back up and finishing it.  And the last half of the book was finished within two afternoons.  So obviously, the last half went much faster than the first.

I found many aspects of this story fascinating.  The telegraph, the Morse Code, the pluming, the PTSD, the Panama Canal, etc.  Elizabeth Camden’s writing makes it easy for me to visualize the things she writes about. I enjoyed the way these things were woven into the story;  it was all so very interesting and made my history-loving self quite happy!

I grew to love the characters (well… some of them, anyway) and enjoyed seeing them grow and develop throughout the book.  It has me really looking forward to reading Nick’s story!  (Wish I didn’t have to wait until June. 😦 )  Lucy and Nick were great and, like I said, I grew to love them… but I think Colin was my favorite character.  I wish we’d been able to get to know his family, but maybe we’ll get to learn more about them later?  Colin just felt the most real to me and that made it easier to connect with him.  Though, toward the end, I began to connect more with Lucy too.

One last thing before I sign off…  I just have to say that I loved the dialogue.  Dialogue is usually a pretty big thing for me.  If a book is really well written, but the dialogue is terrible or seems really stiff or fake?  It’s likely that I won’t finish the book.  On the other hand, I’m likely to give a book an extra star if it has genuine, fun, engaging dialogue that I truly enjoy.  This book is one of the latter.  I don’t know what it was specifically, but I remember thinking several times that the dialogue was great and I was really enjoying it.

A big thumbs-up and 5 stars from me!  I definitely recommend this book! 🙂


I received a free copy of this book through the Bethany House Blogger Review Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.




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It’s Camden’s best in years (since Beyond All Dreams, in my opinion)—well-researched, detailed history, and two lead characters with clear chemistry. (Their banter is excellent. Brings to mind classic movies like Desk Set and His Girl Friday…)  Read more…





“That’s the girl I’ve adored from the moment I first clapped eyes on her,” Nick said.  “Of course, at that time she was a squalling infant and I was only three years old, but sisters can grow on you.”

Colin: “This whole evening was like something out of The Three Musketeers.  Fun to read about, but perfectly horrible to experience in reality.”

Ruby: “I’m not waiting. I’m walking out of here with you, and if you want to see crazy, just try to stop me.”



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