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“Edenbrooke” by Julianne Donaldson

This isn’t a normal review post— my review is extremely short…  But when did I ever claim to be “normal”??  😛  First, I’ll tell you what I thought of the book.  Then I would like to share some of my favorite … Continue reading

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7 Things About Me — Bookishness (part 2)

And here’s Part 2!  More bookish things that I can totally relate to…  Enjoy!  😀   While getting this post together, I just couldn’t help but comment on the pictures.  Then I decided to go back to my “Part 1 post … Continue reading

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“I will help thee”

I’m currently reading “Waiting for Spring”. It’s book 2 in the “Westward Winds” series by Amanda Cabot. I’ve come across two quotes in this book… I’d like to share them with you. “The problem is, my dreams are no longer … Continue reading

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Veggie Tales

If you like to talk to tomatoes If a squash can make you smile If you like to waltz with potatoes Up and down the produce aisle… Have we got a show for you!  I love Veggie Tales!!  I don’t … Continue reading

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  I love this movie!  I have watched it over and over… Right now, as I sit here in front of the computer, my family is watching it yet again and I keep catching myself looking over at the TV … Continue reading

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“Where do they get this ability?”

“Where do [men] get this ability? This talent for looking extaordinarily adorable when apologizing for something stupid they’ve done. How do they do that to us? Why are we so willing to let them?” ~ Lindy Edwards (“My So Called Love … Continue reading

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“Bravery isn’t being fearless, but having a strong enough desire to push one’s natural fears aside in trying to obtain an important goal.” — “The Narrow Door At Colditz” by Robert L. Wise   Note:  You would really have to … Continue reading

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“Love Starts With Elle” by Rachel Hauck

I loved this book!  I had been wanting to read it for quite some time, so, when I finally got it, I practically devoured it!  Finished it within a day. What can I say..?  Rachel Hauck is a pretty great … Continue reading

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From Their Mouths To My Blog

I’ve been telling my brothers for a while now that I’m going to share on my blog some of the goofy things they’ve said. So, here they are. Enjoy! 🙂 13 yr. old boy (very sarcastically about a 5 yr. … Continue reading

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Funny Book Quotes From A Funny Guy

If you don’t know who the Marx Brothers are, you probably won’t be able to fully appreciate these quotes from Groucho Marx.  But… I’ll give ’em to ya anyway. “I find television very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, … Continue reading

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