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Some More Random Questions…..

Ally did a post earlier this year over at The Scribbling Sprite and I decided to take some of the questions she asked to use in a post of my own later.  And right now, I just kinda feel like doing one of … Continue reading

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Just Some Random Questions…..

I recently saw an award post that Naomi over at Wonderland Creek shared (see her post here) and I really liked some of the questions so I thought I’d use them for a post of my own. 🙂 -1  Do you … Continue reading

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100 Facts About Me:

Hey, y’all! 🙂 So…  My friend Mary Kate tagged me for this 100 Facts About Me post (here’s a link to her post) about a month ago and I’m finally getting around do doing it. 😉  **Let’s Get Started!**   Okay, … Continue reading

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7 Things About Me — Randomness

Here are 7 more random things about me…    

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6 Random Things That Drive Me Crazy

1.  Someone Who Persistently Mispronounces Words When They’ve Been Told The Correct Pronunciation (excluding people with vocal disabilities) — My brother and my mom are two of the worst about this. They can say the words correctly — I’ve heard … Continue reading

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