Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Mills

Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force #1)

Deadly Encounter
(FBI Task Force #1)
by DiAnn Mills



“Stubborn Cajun meets stubborn Cajun.  Will they get together or drown each other in the bayou?”  ~ Ric 

Well.  This was an intriguing read, for sure!  It dives right in with a dead body discovered in the first few pages.  No surprise there– it is a suspense novel, after all.  But then it gets interesting.  Terrorism, water contamination, attacks, a flu outbreak, scams, abuse, a custody case, biological warfare…..  *deep breath*  Did I miss anything?  I’m sure I did.

This wasn’t a super fast-paced read for me, like a lot of suspense novels are, but the slower, steady pace didn’t in any way detract from the story.  I never considered putting the book away (perhaps putting it on hold so I could read Lynette Eason’s newest book that I had been waiting for ever to read… but not putting it away for good 😉 ).

I enjoyed learning about the Airport Rangers.  I had never heard of this program before so hearing about them in this book prompted me to look into it further.  I love it when I can learn about something new while enjoying my fiction addiction! 😀
News Flash: reading books may teach you about things you didn’t know! 😛

Sometimes I have a difficult time picking a favorite character.  And I often dislike child characters because it seems that many authors have a difficult time portraying them correctly or… I don’t know how to say this except– in an appealing way?  That sounds kinda silly, but I hope y’all know what I mean by that.  However, in this book, my favorite character was the child.  Whitt is just fantastic!  He’s so smart– brilliant, really!– but he has some very deep emotional and spiritual struggles that drew me to him in a big way.  I’m not quite sure how the author pulled this off, but kudos to her for creating a brilliant child character that I quickly grew to adore.  Had me wishing I could meet him and just give him a huge hug!  I think his story was my favorite part of this book.

Stacy and Alex are both great characters too, of course. They really (I mean really) don’t like each other at first… and it was fun to see their friendship grow.  And I really liked Ric (I’m sure you noticed the quote from him at the beginning of this review 😉 ) and Dexter too.  But none of them stuck with me quite like Whitt did…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love when an author can keep me guessing the who-done-it late into the story.  DiAnn Mills succeeded with this book!  For a while, I didn’t even really have any true suspects.  Early in the story I would quickly discount any suspicions I had because I kept feeling like there was going to be a lot more to the outcome and I didn’t want to settle on anyone as the “bad guy”.  The reveal, as I’ll call it, was both interesting and sad.  I didn’t see it coming for a long time, but once I saw it, it made complete sense.

Obviously, I liked this book.  I’m glad I own it because I think I’ll likely want to revisit it someday.  Don’t be discouraged if you find it a bit slow at first!  If you like suspense, give it a shot– I think you’ll like it. 🙂




 DiAnn Mills has provided a whodunit that will keep the most avid mystery reader engaged until the end.  Read more…
~ Vera

This book was totally unique, I’ve never read anything like it before and I love that!  Read more…
~ Caitlyn

It seems each Mills book is harder to guess than the one before it. I didn’t decide on the murderer until within the last 50 pages.  Read more…
~ Hannah



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Looking Back on August 2017

Out of Control (Kincaid Brides, #1) Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force #1) Chasing Secrets (Elite Guardians, #4) Over the Edge (Kincaid Brides, #3) A Heart's Betrayal (A Journey of the Heart #4) A Heart's Promise (A Journey of the Heart #5) A Heart's Home (A Journey of the Heart #6) If I'm Found (If I Run #2)
Behind the Scenes (Apart from the Crowd, #1) Warrior's Seal (Tox Files, #0.5) Nowhere to Turn (Hidden Identity, #2) Conspiracy of Silence (Tox Files #1) Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills Double Cross (FBI: Houston, #2)


New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States: Colorado – Texas – South Carolina – Indiana – Wyoming – Georgia – Oklahoma – Michigan – New York – Maryland – Kansas – Virginia
Washington, D.C.

Countries: Ireland – Nigeria – Syria – France – Israel – Saudi Arabia – Jordan – India – England – Spain

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Library Finds – August

I recently started sharing weekly Library Finds posts every Friday on my Bookstagram (@sleepy_bookworm_aery) and I thought I might share some of those here.  Maybe do a monthly “Library Finds” post on the blog?  But instead of posting on Fridays, I’ll try to post here every last Tuesday of the month.

Here’s the first one!
(Feedback is most welcome! 😉 )



This is the Daughters of Fortune series by Judith Pella — very good books! They take place during World War 2, which is one of my favorite times to read about. I’d really like to read them again sometime.


Nightmare by Robin Parrish is, I believe, considered paranormal suspense. It’s a very… interesting book. I did enjoy it, but I don’t know that I would ever read it again.



Anyone else read Linda Lee Chaikin?
My sister-in-law introduced me to her books when I was a teenager & I think I may have read all of them… I honestly couldn’t tell you now if they’re any good or not, though. It’s been too long.



I read Mel Odom‘s NCIS series… about 6 years ago, according to GR.  I liked them quite a bit and have looked for some more of his books to read.  I’m pretty sure my library has a few, I just haven’t read them yet.

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Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa

Annabel Lee (Coffey & Hill, #1)

Annabel Lee
(Coffey & Hill #1)
by Mike Nappa



Well… as much as I tried to read this and as much as I really wanted to like it….. I couldn’t finnish it. :/

I know several of my friends have enjoyed this book, but I guess it’s just not for me. After over a month, I’m finally putting it away.

The story didn’t pull me in and the characters didn’t intrigue me or make me really care about them. Whenever I picked up the book, I found myself going through the motions of reading the words on the pages while not experiencing any interest or enjoyment– or suspense or fear or intrigue… or anything, really.

I don’t quite know why I felt this way about it, I just know that this book is one I won’t be picking up again.




All in all, I loved this book! The mystery was not what I expected and really kept me guessing and in suspense. I recommend it if you enjoy suspense/thrillers.   Read more…
~ Melanie

Well, besides thinking the cover was amazing and the real reason I picked up this book… this wasn’t a page turner for me, but the story was very interesting indeed.  Read more…
~ Melanie Kilsby

Annabell Lee is a mysterious adventure that stretches beyond categories to produce an intriguing read.  Read more…
~ Emilie


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Some More Random Questions…..

Ally did a post earlier this year over at The Scribbling Sprite and I decided to take some of the questions she asked to use in a post of my own later.  And right now, I just kinda feel like doing one of these random Q&A posts. 🙂

-1 Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter?
Summer all the way!!  Though I do like spring flowers… and autumn leaves & football. 😉

-2 Favorite place you’ve visited?
One of my favorite places that I’ve visited is Cheaha Mountain in Alabama.  We’ve camped there a few times in the autumn and it’s beautiful!

-3 What type of music do you listen to? (Genre, artists, songs?)
Wow.  Um… I listen to Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Country, Classic Pop, Jazz…..  Yeah, I think that about covers it.

-4 What is your favorite book cover?
I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite cover.  Don’t think I’m even gonna try… 😛
But I will share some that I like. 😉
Against the Tide The Goodbye Bride (Summer Harbor, #2) Here to Stay (Where Love Begins, #2) Falcon (Quiet Professionals #3) The Lady of Bolton Hill

-5 What is your favorite word? Least favorite?
Favorite: psychoneuroimmunology (don’t ask me why 😛 ).
Least favorite: awkward :/ (may not be my absolute least favorite, but it’s the one that comes to mind right now).

-6 Best 3 TV shows you’ve ever seen?
Hogan’s HeroesGet SmartWhen Calls the Heart

-7 Have you ever danced in the rain? (You should. It’s good for the soul.)
Hm… I don’t know if I’ve ever danced in the rain exactly… but I did play in the rain quite a bit as a kid. And I have stood in the rain, letting it just pour over me.  *sigh*  That was nice. 🙂

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Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason

Chasing Secrets (Elite Guardians, #4)

Chasing Secrets
(Elite Guardians #4)
by Lynette Eason



Another series comes to an end… and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I’ve been anticipating this book– wanting to read it so bad!– but now that it’s over, I’m sad to say “goodbye” to these characters.

As I said, I have been really looking forward to reading Haley’s book and learning her story, and I’m happy to say that Chasing Secrets did not disappoint in the least.  In my opinion, Lynette Eason’s writing just keeps getting better and better!  I can’t wait to read her next series!! The first book of which (Oath of Honor) is due to release in January, by the way! 😀

This is a fast-paced, suspense-filled, action-packed novel that I was able to finish over a weekend.  It drew me in from page one and kept me guessing at the identity of the villain.  I always enjoy trying to figure out “who done it”, but while I enjoy figuring it out, I also really like when an author surprises me.  I kept guessing and second-guessing who the bad guy could be… and I got really close too!  But I still wasn’t really expecting it when the true criminals were revealed.

I love these characters!  Getting to “hang out” with folks from the previous books is always great and seeing them react to the new love interest in Haley’s life was fun.  While the attraction is pretty much instant, the romance between Haley and Steven isn’t really over the top and doesn’t take precedence over the mystery/suspense aspect of the story.  And I must say I especially like the elements of forgiveness and healing woven into the story.  It reminded me very much of the story behind Matthew West’s song, Forgiveness — so powerful!

I’m so glad I have all four of these books on my bookshelf now so I can go back and visit with them whenever I want!  I’m sure I’ll be doing that fairly soon. 😉


I received a free copy of this book through the Revell Reads Blog Tour Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.




Maddy: “I didn’t have time to go by your house, but I brought you some clothes from my closet…. And I prefer them returned without bullet holes if you think you can manage that.”

Maddy: “Thanks for getting shot on your day off. At least no one has to cover for you until tomorrow.”
Haley: “Actually, I just finished a job, remember? I don’t have any clients right now.”
Maddy: “Oh right. Nice. Couldn’t ask for better timing if you had to get shot. Good job.”

Maddy: “Quinn’s well thought of in the department. In spite of his rather vociferous personality.”
Haley: “Vociferous. Ha. Good word.”

Steven: “Is that Maddy’s shirt? The one she brought you in the hospital?”
Haley: “Yes. And it’s got a rip in it from the knife. Rats. Well, she said she wanted it back with no bullet holes. I can do that.”



Check out the entire Elite Guardians series!
Always Watching (Elite Guardians, #1) Without Warning (Elite Guardians, #2) Moving Target (Elite Guardians #3) Chasing Secrets (Elite Guardians, #4)

And join me in looking forward to her new series: Blue Justice!
Oath of Honor (Blue Justice #1)

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Looking Back on July 2017

Hello everyone! Sorry for being absent this past month… I didn’t intend to be, but I was out of state at junior church camp, then sick for nearly 3 weeks, then out of state at senior church camp….. it’s been kinda crazy for me lately.  Things are kind of settling down now, though (I think), so I’m hoping to get some more posts up soon.
Obviously, I didn’t get much reading done in July either.  Honestly, I’m surprised I even finished these three books. 😛

A Heart's Disguise (A Journey of the Heart, #1) A Heart's Obsession (A Journey of the Heart, #2) A Heart's Danger (A Journey of the Heart, #3)

New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States: Indiana – Wyoming

Countries: none

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!!


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Looking Back on June 2017

Maybe It's You (Crisis Team #3) The Shattered Tree (Bess Crawford, #8) All Is Calm Seagrass Pier (Hope Beach, #3) Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (Sunset Cove #3) All Is Bright If I Run (If I Run, #1) Through Waters Deep (Waves of Freedom, #1) Anchor in the Storm (Waves of Freedom, #2)


New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States: California – Texas – North Carolina – Maine – Louisiana – Oklahoma – Georgia – Alabama – Massachusetts  – Ohio – New York – Connecticut

Countries: France – England

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6-Month Challenge Checkup

As most of you know, I always set reading goals at the beginning of each year.

Well, I decided to do a “6-month checkup” on those challenges to see how I’m doing and I was pleasantly surprised!  So far, I’m ahead on every single challenge.  And I really did not expect that! 😀

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