Looking Back on September 2018

True Devotion (Uncommon Heroes #1) A Forgotten Place (Bess Crawford, #10) To Kingdom Come (Barker & Llewelyn, #2)


New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States: California

Countries: England – Wales – France

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Looking Back on July/August 2018


Never Again Good-bye (Second Chances, #1) Where Secrets Sleep (House of Secrets #1) When Secrets Strike (House of Secrets #2)


New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States:  ? – Pennsylvania



How Secrets Die An Enchantment of Ravens Some Danger Involved (Barker & Llewelyn, #1) More Than Meets the Eye (Patchwork Family, #1) Danger in the Shadows (O'Malley, #0)


New-To-Me Authors: 2

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States:  Pennsylvania – Texas –

Countries: England

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An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

An Enchantment of Ravens

An Enchantment of Ravens
by Margaret Rogerson



I’m not quite sure what made me request this audiobook from my library… I must have been thinking it was a different book. And when they told me it had come in and I finally checked it out, I almost returned it right off when I realized what kind of book it was. But I was in desperate need of something to listen to at work that would actually keep my attention and I had already just returned a book that had disappointed me, so… I decided (rather reluctantly) to give this one a shot.

This book isn’t all that great, really, but… I find that I have to give it at least 3 stars because, though it’s definitely not in any way the type of book I normally would even consider reading, it still managed to keep my attention well enough that I actually wanted to finish it.

Would I recommend it? Mm… probably not. But it really wasn’t a bad read for this genre. I was surprised that it held my interest at all, to be honest. I won’t be looking for more books by this author, but I’m not disappointed that I decided to give this one a chance.

>> A word of warning to my friends who only read Christian/clean fiction: This book is not Christian fiction. There is some cussing throughout the book, though not a whole lot. And there is a non-explicit *almost* sex scene. I would say it’s okay for adults, but I wouldn’t recommend it for teens.

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Happy Independence Day!

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Looking Back on June 2018

Hearts Entwined A Search for Refuge (Haven Manor, #0.5) Haven of Swans: The Protector (O'Malley #4) The Healer (O'Malley #5) Right Where We Belong The Rescuer (O'Malley #6)

New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States:  Texas – Colorado – Oklahoma (Indian Territory) – Missouri – Michigan – Illinois – Maryland – Arizona

Countries: England

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Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter

Honeysuckle Dreams (A Blue Ridge Romance #2)

Honeysuckle Dreams
(Blue Ridge Romance #2)
by Denise Hunter



I was asked the other day when I planned to review this book. I wanted to. I kept planning to… but I just didn’t know what to write! So today, I am finally making myself sit down for a few minutes and sort out a couple thoughts on this book! ;P

I feel like this is pretty typical of a Denise Hunter novel so if you enjoy her writing, chances are high that you’re going to like this book. I don’t often read series out of order, but I haven’t read the previous book in this series and I barely even noticed so this can definitely be read as a standalone.

For the most part, I did enjoy this story. Though they weren’t very relatable for me, Brady and Hope are pretty likable people. And I did appreciate that they had been friends for a long time before taking this quite sudden step into a totally different relationship. While the situations and emotions weren’t always wholly believable (to me anyway), I was able to look past most of that and enjoy the story in spite of it.

My favorite aspect of this story was, I think, the absolute devotion that Brady had for his son. It didn’t matter if Sam was biologically related to him or not, he was Brady’s son and Brady loved him and he was determined to do whatever he possibly could to keep Sam in his life. That’s the sort of thing that can only be admired in a person and I loved Brady for it.

I don’t know if I will go back and read the first book or not, but I am really looking forward to the next one! I want to see more of Brady and Hope– check back in with them and see how they’re doing, I suppose 😉 — and I am super curious about Jack and Daisy!!




Honeysuckle Dreams was just what I expect from a Denise Hunter novel. The story was engaging, the characters likeable, and the romance was amazing.  Read more…
~ Melanie

Definitely have to say this is the Denise Hunter I am used to reading and enjoying…. wonderful spiritual content, and very good character and plot development.  Read more…
~ Loraine



Check out the entire Blue Ridge Romance series!
Blue Ridge Sunrise Honeysuckle Dreams On Magnolia Lane

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Looking Back on May 2018

A Duty to the Dead (Bess Crawford, #1) An Impartial Witness (Bess Crawford, #2) Honeysuckle Dreams (A Blue Ridge Romance #2) A Bitter Truth (Bess Crawford, #3)

New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States: Georgia

Countries: Greece – England – France

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Looking Back on April 2018

Belonging (Where the Heart Lives, #1) Betrayal (Where The Heart Lives, #2) Oath of Honor (Blue Justice #1) Cry in the Night (Rock Harbor #5) A Heart Most Certain (Teaville Moral Society, #1) A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3) The View from Rainshadow Bay (Lavender Tides #1)



New-To-Me Authors: 0

And the places I “visited” in my reading…

States: Illinois – Idaho – Wyoming – South Carolina – Michigan – Wisconsin – Kansas – Oklahoma – Washington

Countries: …

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A Chance At Forever by Melissa Jagears

A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3)
A Chance at Forever
(Teaville Moral Society #3)
by Melissa Jagears



Two good, mostly uninterrupted, afternoons of reading and this book was finished!  Obviously, it was a pretty fast read for me. 😉

I was a bit disappointed in the first book (A Heart Most Certain) in this series– not because it was bad or anything (it was pretty good), but because I was unable to connect with any of the characters– and I will admit that had me a bit worried going into this book.  However, I ended up really enjoying this one and flying right through it at near record speeds!

These characters felt much more relatable and I even liked the characters from the first book better in this one.  It sounds terrible to say this, but… I actually really loved that the main character is missing her hand.  See what I mean? That’s such a horrible thing to say, right?! 😦  And yet, it’s still true.  I’m pretty certain that the only books I’ve read where a character was missing a limb were cases of soldiers having been injured in battle so this– a girl being born without part of her limb and having to grow up suffering through the teasing, bullying, etc. as a result– was a new and quite interesting perspective, especially, I think, for a historical fiction book.  It’s not something that you typically see and I though it was very well written!

I feel like I really can’t say enough about these characters.  Mercy is a beautiful, realistic, totally relatable mess of kindness and compassion… and bitterness and unforgiveness. She really made me consider my own actions toward certain people– how I can have kindness and compassion toward some, but what about when I am confronted by those who have hurt me?  Do I express that same spirit toward them or do I stubbornly harbor those hard feelings that most people would never even realize I have?  Food for much thought right there, let me tell ya.

And Aaron… Sweet, hurting, repentant Aaron.  He is such a different person now than he was when Mercy knew him as a child.  God has worked such a transformation in his life and it shows in every way.  Oh, I cried over this man… I have no shame in admitting that.  Seeing how badly he desired forgiveness for all the hurt he had caused years ago– the lengths to which he went to show others how sorry he was for what he had done– and seeing how he wanted to be a different, better man and wanted to use his past and his present to impact others like his younger self and show them God through his own life.  How could a reader not love this character?

In the end, I was left with some questions and felt that some of the secondary characters’ stories didn’t end in quite as satisfying a way as I would have liked, but that is a bit of reality that should be expected.  Overall, this book is one I am glad to have read and one that I will likely read again.  The pain, the struggles, and the ultimate forgiveness and growth of these characters makes this the type of story that resonates in hearts and minds, lingering long after the final page has been read.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, all opinions expressed are my own.



I highly recommend this novel, and the entire series – for fans of entertaining yet challenging historical fiction with a sweet romance.  Read more…

I don’t know what else to say except that I absolutely adored this book, highly recommend it…  Read more…

Overall, the storyline was amazing. I have never read a plotline like this, and I think it was so well written.  Read more…




The only tool she had was prayer, and if that was so, why didn’t she use it more often?

“Being moral isn’t doing what’s easiest or what makes you feel comfortable, but rather, it’s choosing to do right even when it hurts, when it costs, when it’s difficult.”

Aaron: “No one’s going to notice that wet spot since his [the baby’s] toes are exposed for all the women to gush over.”



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Miscellaneous Short Reviews

Sometimes I simply do not have the time (or perhaps the desire) to write a very long book review, but I still want to say a little something about the book.  When I share a review on my blog, I like it to be a “full-sized” review post so I don’t often share these shorties here, but I figured I could do a compilation post and share several shorties in one post. 😉

Love in a Fix (Modern Conveniences #1)

Love in a Fix (Modern Conveniences #1)
by Leah Atwood
3.5 stars

I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit more than I expected to. Though the marriage itself did feel a bit rushed… the fact that the couple had known each other & been friends for years made that not bother me as much as it otherwise might have. And I like how realistic and understandable the issues were that they faced in their relationship.

I don’t know when I read this– I can’t find it on my GR bookshelf– but I know I’ve read it before so I’m marking it as a re-read. 😛

P.S. I Like You

P.S. I Like You
by Kasie West
4 stars

I would probably normally only give this book 3 stars… maybe 3.5, but I was so pleasantly surprised that I just had to give it 4 stars.
I don’t read YA fiction much at all.  I just don’t generally enjoy the characters or the stories…  But this storyline was a nice difference from what I had been reading and I quite liked this book!  The first person pov was, I thought, very well done!  And the narrator (I listened to the audiobook. The narrator was Shannon McManus, I think.) was pretty good too.
I decided to try some other books by this author since I liked this one so much… I’ve read 5 now and this one remains my favorite.

Under the Cajun Moon

Under the Cajun Moon
by Mindy Starns Clark
3 stars

Honestly, I thought I would end up giving this book only 2 stars.
The story didn’t pull me in, the characters weren’t all that great, I didn’t care for the switching between first and third person or the switches between the past, present, & historic parts of the story, I figured out the “bad guy” right away (even though I don’t think readers are supposed to figure it out that fast), and I did not like the narrator at all– mostly because of the accents.
((And the first kiss scene..? *major eye roll*))
However… toward the end, I did start to enjoy it a little more. The mystery did have some interesting parts that I enjoyed reading about. And I did really like the spiritual aspects of the story. So– 3 stars it is!


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