Too Much P&P

Is it really possible to watch too much Pride And Prejudice? My brothers think it is. I’ve watched it (the 1995 version) so many times that they can quote it now almost as well as I can.

My sister came across a site a while back that listed the signs that you’ve watched P&P too many times. (Here’s the List Of Signs). So, apparently, it is possible. Fortunately, I can truthfully say that, according to this site, I have not watched P&P too many times. Whew!!  That’s a relief!

However, there are a few of the things on their list that I must admit to.

1. Occasionally, I do hum along with the background music. Occasionally!  I mean, what’s wrong with that?
2. I definitely catch myself using P&P quotes in my everyday conversations. Especially with my sister & sis-in-law — they understand and often reply with a quote of their own. 🙂
3. I do sometimes quote the movies while I’m watching them, but anyone I agree to watch them with usually does the same…
4. I often speak with a British accent, but it’s not because of P&P. I swear it’s not! However, I can not read P&P without using a British accent — it’s just not possible!
5. I don’t “giggle” every time Mrs. Bennet or Mr. Collins opens their mouth. Just almost every time.
6.You find yourself constantly quoting your favorite lines from P&P and you feel sorry for your family and friends when they give you confused looks since they have only watched P&P once (horrors!) and can’t recall the lines.
I had to quote the site on this one. I confess that I do go through times when I quote P&P more often than usual. But, my family is now so used to it that they have stopped giving me the confused look; and — thanks to me! — they have all watched it more than 1 time.
7. I don’t go around trying to think up reasons to dress like the P&P characters. One year, though, my sister, sis-in-law, and I did dress up in P&P style dresses for a New Year’s costume party.  That was fun!
8. I do compare some people in P&P to people that I know. I very willingly admit to that one!
9. I haven’t had to re-evaluate a friendship over dislike of P&P. Yet… Though I have to wonder how anyone could dislike it.

Well, since I only answered “yes” or “sorta” to 9 out of 49 (I think that’s how many there were in all), I think I’m safe. Maybe I should go watch it again… Yeah, I think I’ll do that!

About Aerykah

I'm a 29-year-old Christian homeschool graduate from Oklahoma, USA. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, and photography... among other things. ;)
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