Without Warning by Lynette Eason

Without Warning (Elite Guardians, #2)

Without Warning
(Elite Guardians #2)
by Lynette Eason


Yet another of Lynette Eason’s books on my favorites list. (And I have a feeling the next one will land there, as well. 😉 )
While it did take me a bit to get back into the swing of things with this series (I read the first book nearly a year ago!), it didn’t take me long at all to get into the book itself. This book dives right into the suspense with a break-in on page one, a body being found by page four, and a building burning to the ground a few pages later! In fact, so much happened in the first few “minutes” of the book that I found myself instantly absorbed into the story and anxious to find out what would happen next. This is definitely the type of book that makes me want to sit somewhere quiet and just read for hours until I reach the satisfying conclusion of the final chapter. (And I’ll pause right here to add that I am so glad these books don’t have cliffhanger endings!!)
Let’s start with the villain this time, shall we? I suspected the culprit throughout most of the book, but there were certainly still some surprises in store for me despite that. And I was glad of that because, while I do enjoy figuring out the clues to the mystery… I don’t want to be able to figure out everything before the final reveal. There’s more I would like to say about the “bad guy”, but I just can’t without spoiling it for those who haven’t read the book yet– I wish I had read this with a friend… :/
Katie and Daniel are great characters who are really able to connect and understand each other. I liked seeing them both grow and their relationship develop throughout the story. The spiritual, emotional, and mental struggles were genuine and well written. Riley is a very mature teenager, in more ways than one, and she’s determined to trust God even when it’s impossible to understand what His purpose could possibly be (boy, did that strike close to home!).
We get to see more of the other bodyguards in this book, of course. It’s nice to be able to kind of continue Olivia’s & Wade’s story from Always Watching, and to get to know the other characters better as we get ready to read their stories soon.
I’m so glad that I had book 3 on hand already because I was able to pick it up almost as soon as I had put this book down. I’m already halfway through it so be expecting a review for it soon too! 🙂
Oh, and one more thing– I just love the name Katie chose for her cat. Creative and significant. If you don’t get it, just look it up. 😉




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Yeah.  I have a temper.  But it’s one I’ve learned to control.
How do you figure?
You’re still standing, aren’t you?

I know God could have stopped it but… he didn’t.
And you can accept that?
What choice do I have?  Unless I want to be angry and bitter my whole life, I have to believe there’s a reason it happened.  …..  It helps that I know God’s motives are good even when he allows bad things to happen.

Praying helped, but she had to admit, her faith was wobbling.  She might say all the right things, and truthfully, she really did believe them, but… it was hard to understand what God was doing.

Don’t shoot me.  It would really ruin my night.

That Tim Shepherd dude called again.  You really need to make time in between getting shot at and hospital stays to call him back.

He answers prayers.
Yes, but will it be the answer I want?
I don’t know, but that’s where faith comes in.



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